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my contribution to the cracktastic goodness!

Heeeeeere it is!

 "Hey.. Sawyer?" 
the dirty-blonde haired man turned from his book to find the brunette he wanted to see the most standing there with an uncomfortable expression on her face. Kate avoided Sawyer's eyes; an unusual gesture given that she was the only woman on the island that could shut him down with just one look. Arching an eyebrow in interest, Sawyer gently laid his copy of Paradise Lost aside on the sand and stared up at her; his lips curving into a smirk.

"What- you get bored sitting on the beach and starin' at the ocean, Freckles?" He replied gruffly, yet there was an undertone of softness evident in his voice that suggested piqued interest. Kate stepped closer to him with her hands loosely clasped.

"I... really shouldn't be asking you for this, but I want it so bad.." She started, her long brown hair falling in her eyes as she tried to speak confidently, "..'Cause I haven't had it in a long time."

Chuckling, Sawyer flipped sun-streaked hair out of his forest green eyes and stretched out, surveying Kate with a look of amusement. "I've had girls ask me for favors before, but I never took you for a shy one when it comes to askin' if I have any medicine.." Tilting his head back to catch the sun on his face, he continued "All you have to do is ask and threaten me with -"

"-I can already feel it going in so hard and coming out so soft and wet..." Kate interjected, cutting him off abruptly. The serene smirk on Sawyer's face changed to an expression of sheer confusion as he took in what she had just said; his mind racing.

She can't mean what I THINK she means, can she? This is Kate we're talkin' bout here. Not some loose woman in a bar!  

Now the man was really thinking things over. It was true; no one within their little tribe on the island had a current sex life as far as he knew. And Sawyer knew from experience how women can get when their frustrations build up over the course of a few days.. weeks... months. Vivid images of the possiblities of Kate's hidden desire filled Sawyer's head, and before he knew it, he opened his mouth and let loose the first thing that came to his mind:

"My, my I didn't know you had that sort of taste for me." He dared let his amusement shine through by allowing his voice to soften, his eyes searching her face for a reaction. As he had expected, Kate's cheeks went pink. Dropping her voice to a confidential whisper, Kate hissed

"No one has to know about this! But.." her eyes fixed on his and she took a step back, "I'm desperate, and I need your help."

He had not expected this. She needed his help. Kate was asking for his HELP. Kate was a strong woman; one that was dangerous when cornered, and was the reason why Sawyer truly believed that a woman is never so beautiful as when she's mad. In the past she had coerced him and tempted him into helping out, but only when it was convenient for her. Shannon's sudden asthma attack had been the perfect excuse to demand a kiss from her, as the situation was a dire one. But it had been Kate who had kissed hm firmly not once, but TWICE. Was she bribing him for a favor this time?

"I know I shouldn't be asking you this, Sawyer..." she continued, her voice nearly inaudible against the crashing of the waves in the background. Her hands entwined and twisted around eachother, which Sawyer pinpointed as her nervous habit. A curt incline of his head encouraged Kate to continue. "I... can feel my tongue around it.." 
God, why did the sun decide to shine right down on him NOW of all times? The air seemed to thicken into a humid haze around them, bring Sawyer to rub a hand down his damp neck into his sleeveless shirt.

Ah.. keep talkin', Freckles...

"..sucking all the juice out of it til there's nothing left.."

At this point, a very un-Sawyer-like smile spread across his tanned face, using every ounce of willpower he had to avoid looking at Kate as she spoke. He hoped to God his body wasn't about to betray him and let the world see how very turned on he was at the moment.. Come to think of it, Sawyer's jeans did seem a little tighter than before...

"Right, come with me." Reaching and taking her small hand in his, Sawyer stepped back beneath the swaying palm trees and pulled on her arm to draw her close. A panicked look swept across Kate's features, her mouth forming words that refused to come out.

"Am I being too forward?" She blurted out, her surprise weakening her resolve as she allowed herself to rest her body against Sawyer. A soft chuckle that sounded more like a low growl followed, and the blonde only curved his lip in his trademark smirk.

"Forward? Hell no, woman you've just made my night." Hands folded around her slim waist and caressed up Kate's back, bringing a smile to his face as he imagined the smooth skin that lay beneath the threadbare clothing. "And you caught me in a good mood, too."

"Ah..." Kate found strength in her voice, only upon being instantly reminded of her mission because of the crashing of waves that echoed her dull ache of hunger on her lips. "Sawyer...can I have a piece of gum?"

That night as the castaways sat together for unofficial dinner, there was talk of a man with a shattered ego, and one very satisfied woman popping her piece of gum by the bonfire, laughing with the others.
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